Women's STEM Award 2021

Be part of the 8th edition: submit your STEM thesis!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the thesis must have been submitted to the university as of the deadline for applications. But it does not have to have been marked by your supervisor as of this date. However, if it is unmarked, we reserve the right to review it for compliance with scientific conditions.
Bachelor, Master and Diploma theses can be submitted. We will not accept PhD, seminar papers, technical or similar work.
Yes. However, your thesis can be written in a non-STEM subject (e.g., social sciences). The key thing is that the subject of the thesis relates to one of our STEM growth areas.
Only theses without non-disclosure notes can be submitted.If your work contains a non-disclosure note, we need a written approval by the co-operating company with whom you prepared your thesis. Please be secure that your work is only read by the jury. If we publish press texts in which your thesis is mentioned, we will check it with you in advance. 
Students and graduates of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are entitled to take part. Your thesis can be written in English or German. The thesis has been submitted within the last 18 months. Furthermore, a CV and form document have to be handed in. Those documents should be written either in English or in German. 



 Inga Walliser