Women's STEM Award 2020

Be part of the 7th edition: submit your STEM thesis!

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Women’s STEM Award 2020

Thank you for all the outstanding theses. Female STEM students from all over the world took their chance to apply for the Women's MINT Award 2020 with their Bachelor or Master thesis.
Virtual award ceremony - 60 minutes of glitter & glamour:

Our virtual award ceremony took place on June 24th, 2020.

We are proud to announce this year’s winners officially.



Overall winner I „Cyber Security“: Ina Fink

Master: „Advanced Access-Control for Smart Devices” (RWTH Aachen)

Overall winner II “Artificial Intelligence”: Mila Gorecki

Bachelor: “Identifying Sources of Unfairness in Bayesian Logistic Regression” (University Tübingen)

Social Impact special prize I „Networks of the Future“: Annika Schröder

Master: „Entwicklung eines Themenfeldes "Digitale Welt" für den Berliner Rahmenlehrplan Sachunterricht“ (Freie Universität Berlin)

Social Impact special prize II „Artificial Intelligence”: Thurid Jochim

Diploma: „Classifying data to evaluate postural abnormalities with machine learning“ (TU Dresden)


Winners of the five categories:

Category „Artificial Intelligence“: Noshaba Cheema

Master: „In Silico User Testing for Mid-Air Interactions with Deep Reinforcement Learning” (University Saarland)

Category „Cloud“: Dora Szücs

Master: „Improving the Robustness of Unsupervised Anomaly Detection on Data Streams with Recurrent Neural Networks and Dynamic Thresholding” (TU Berlin)

Category “Cyber Security”: Julia Chelysheva

Bachelor: “Untersuchung zur sicheren Übertragung sensibler Daten via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2“ (HTW Berlin)

Category „Internet of Things“: Khushboo Qayyum

Master: “Efficient Utilization of on-board Memory in Wireless Underground Sensor Networks” (University Bremen)

Category „Networks of the Future“: Marlene Böhmer

Master: “Real-time Video Streaming and Control for Drones in Cyber-Physical Networks” (University Saarland)


Congratulations to all winners of the Women's MINT Award 2020!

Best wishes to all STEM graduates. Take the opportunity that STEM offers you –

exciting careers and interesting development opportunities await you.

All the best and stay safe!


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5 strategic growth fields

Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

Networks of the Future

The process


Your thesis (Bachelor / Master / Diploma thesis) can be written in English or German and must have been submitted within the last 18 months.
This year, we are awarding a special prize for the thesis that deals with one of our five growth areas and furthermore devotes itself in a special way to the topic of social impact.


A jury of experts will review all of the papers submitted and select the winning pieces of work. All winners of Women’s STEM Award 2020 will be officially announced after the prize giving ceremony in June.


Our award ceremony will take place on June, 24th 2020. The winner's trophy and a total of 5,500 € prize money will be solemnly handed over to our winners as well as 500 € for our Social Impact prize.





Award Ceremony

The winner's trophy and a total of 5,500 € prize money will be solemnly handed over to our winners in Bonn. This year, a prize for Social Impact will be additionally handed over.

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