User experience - next level

Immediately have fun with your new devices and services ;-)


Status quo:

You purchase products/services like: internet, phone, TV or devices like router, smartphones or receiver and want to set up and use these quickly and easyly.

What happens often after purchase:

A not very easy, complex and often frustrating set up process (incl. a lot of configuration steps, input of key words or login, setup wifi, cabling procedures) follows.

Customers often have problems and they need support or further information.

So, user experience often fails yell

Now it is your chance to level this up!

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  • 1rst
  • 2nd
  • 3rd

The 3 finalists/final teams will receive an exclusive invitation to the Deutsche Telekom "Open Workspace - CMD+O", in Cologne (October the 24th). 

Take the opportunity to meet with the Telekom Prototyping Team.

Funds will be allocated to cover your travel expenses up to 300€.



Bose QuietComfort 35 - 2 Wireless Headset



Amazon Echo Show, smart speaker with monitor, cam and Alexa.



SKAGEN connected unisex Hybrid Smartwatch, activity tracking, water resistant, compatible to Android and iOS devices