IoT - Railroad Telemetry


Current state: Track switches are not being monitored momentarily.


Track switches should be equipped with IoT-Sensors for digitizing the railroad network of a railway company.  

The objective is to monitor transitions of track switch positioning and to be able to send a technician to an obtrusive track switch as a preventive measure in case of irregularities, before it fails. For example, it may occur that a track switch is on the verge of freezing in winter, if its power consumption increases strongly during the track switch positioning.    


For this challenge, a system based on the Cloud of Things (CoT) of T-Systems should be developed, which receives data from the IoT-Sensors on the track switch, evaluates it, displays its state in a dashboard and generates an alarm in case of irregularities.      


Every track switch sends up to five various signals

Motorstrom (engine current):  
Current in amperes consumed by the motor of the track switch momentarily; a single peak up to 20A while starting the motor; later up to 4 amperes

send interval:                   
every 10 ms while switching the track;
if switching the track is completed (EC = 0) one additionaly second signals will be sent; afterwards no further signals until next track switch

Position Normal (PN):                   
Signal, which displays that the last known position was „normal“ if PN=1 and “reverse” if PN = 0 – Value range [0|1].

Signal Normal (SN):                       
Signal, which displays that the track switch should be set to normal – Value range [0|1].

Signal Reverse (SR):                       
Signal, which displays that the track switch should be set to reverse – Value range [0|1].

Out of Control (OC):                      
Signal, which displays that the track of the switch are moving (threshold of 5 mm). While moving the tracks the signal will change its value from 0 to 1. When moving the tracks is done the value switches back from 1 to 0. Value range [0|1].

The transition of track switch positioning should take place within the timeframe of (max) 10 seconds (ideally within 3 seconds)

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