Start our challenge to fight against torrent force, and to develop a high water detection including different measurements like damage forecast and control.

Your deliverables:

Build and prototype or at least design the solution E2E. If possible, research, develop or draw a proper stand-alone measuring hardware device (ideas) by using IoT services. Show your gathered parameters and how you would process and evaluate them (calculation examples). Show how you evaluate in real-time intensity, speed, water volume or other parameters, forecast (economic) damage, by using the diverse evaluated data and their combinations. Run simulations to prove your calculations. Show different kind of warning stages. Explain differences and challenges to standard river monitoring as described.


Write down your findings, essay (description), drawings, calculations, statistics into a PowerPoint slide deck, min. 5 max. 10 pages.
Focus on the following criteria:

- Originality
- Feasibility
- Relevance


If you reach the final, please be prepared to give us a presentation of your showcase (ideally with some prototyped HW elements), calculation patters, warning stages and the intelligence behind it. Technical facts, costs, market strategy. Show some of your elements and flows live at work, e.g. by running a simulation..

 We are looking forward to your submissions.