Frauen MINT Award 2021

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Women's STEM Award 2021

Prizes and conditions of participation


Prizes worth 5,500 euros

The best submitted work from one of the growth areas "Cloud, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Networks of the Future and Cyber Security" will be awarded three thousand euros.

In addition, each growth area will be awarded an additional five hundred euros. The winners can also look forward to exciting insights within the Group.

The jury will review all submitted works and select the winning works. The winners will be notified in writing and invited to the major award ceremony.


How to compete for the Women's STEM Award 2021

How to apply: Hand in your work as a PDF file, together with your CV and fill in the online registration at

Students and graduates of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) are entitled to take part. Final degree assignments (Bachelor or Master thesis, diploma thesis, or term papers) that have been submitted within the last 1-1/2 years are eligible for entry.


The closing date for submitting your work is March 14, 2021.

1. Organizer/contact

The organizer and contact partner for holding the Women's STEM Award is audimax MEDIEN GmbH, Hauptmarkt 6-8, 90403 Nuremberg.


2. Period

The Women's STEM award starts November 19, 2020 and ends March, 14, 2021.

A jury panel, consisting of experts from Deutsche Telekom and the sciences, will evaluate the final assignments by June 2020.

The winners will be announced thereafter.


3. Prizes

The participant whose final degree assignment wins first place will win a prize of three thousand euros. The prize money will be transferred to the winner's bank account. An additional 500 euros will be awarded for each growth area (Cloud, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Networks of the Future and Cyber Security). The prize money will be transferred to the respective winners' bank accounts. Prizes may not be transferred.


4. Participation

The Women's STEM Award is intended for female students and recent graduates of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) who completed their degrees less than 1- 1/2 years ago.


To participate in the Women's Stem Award,

  • The final assignment in English or German
  • A CV
  • And the agreement to terms and conditions via online registration on No other formats will be accepted.


By submitting your documents and participating in the Women's STEM Award, you declare your consent for Deutsche Telekom AG and audimax Medien GmbH to use pictures taken at the event in their reporting.


By submitting your documents, you guarantee that the final degree assignment you submit does not violate common decency or the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, and in particular does not violate any third party intellectual property rights – such as brand rights, copyrights or the right to personal privacy – and that you possess the necessary rights to the final degree assignment.

If you win, you declare your consent to have your name published in audimax channels (audimax print edition,,, Facebook etc.) and through the channels of our partners and the sponsor. The winners will be notified by e-mail and postal mail. To send the prize, we require the postal address of each winner. If the winner does not contact us within 14 days after the notification mail is sent, the prize will be forfeited. Claim to the prize is also forfeited if the prize cannot be awarded within 6 months after the initial winning notification for reasons due to the winner.


By participating in the contest, you also consent for audimax to report on and reuse the content of your work (for example, in its print media, on Facebook, on the audimax website and on partner websites).


After submitting your entry, you can request deletion of your submission at any time up to March 14, 2020, which will exclude you from consideration in the Women's STEM Award.

This also revokes all usage rights granted to Deutsche Telekom AG audimax MEDIEN GmbH as described above.

The jury's decision is final for all contests and promotions.

After conclusion of the Women's STEM Award, Deutsche Telekom AG and audimax MEDIEN GmbH are authorized to destroy all submitted materials.


5. Data protection and privacy

Personal information that you provide voluntarily for newsletters, surveys, contests etc.: we save personal information that you give us voluntarily, for example, for surveys, contests and on registration pages. We only use this data to improve our service. The surveys, contests etc. are strictly confidential. No personal data is passed on to third parties. audimax may enter partnerships with other organizations to offer you contests and subscriptions. These partnerships are selected with great care. Please note, however that audimax will not provide third parties with any personally identifiable information collected from our side. The data and information required for participation in the Women's STEM Award are passed on to Deutsche Telekom AG or to the jury.


The data mentioned above under no. 4. and any content delivered by the Participant during the Challenge will be saved and used by or on behalf of the Partner Company.


Consent for e-mails / phone calls

By registering, the Participant consents that the Participant may be contacted (i) via email or phone by the Partner Company and/or the Service Company during his/her participation in the Challenge or (ii) by phone if she/he is one of the pre-selected Participants or final winners.


Consent for use of data on website

The Participant authorizes the Partner Company or the Service Company (on behalf of the Partner Company), in the event that she/he should be chosen winner of the Challenge, to use without any additional remuneration her/his last name, first name, city, region of residence, name of her/his university or former university and her/his photograph and/or data related to her/his participation and/or deliverables in the Challenge, including on its websites and social media channels.


Consent for movie

Further, the Partner Company may shoot an institutional movie of the final ceremony, in which all Participants in this stage are expected to participate. The Participant authorizes the Partner Company to use and make available this movie on its websites and social media channels.


Information on data processing

Participant is hereby informed that the Service Company will perform any such data processing on behalf of Partner Company. This in particular includes to save and process any data that the Participants submit during the Challenge (see no. 4), to the extent necessary for the purpose of the Challenge.


Right to withdraw consent and to object to use

The Participants may at any time have the right to ask for information about her/his personal data saved by the Service Provider and/or the Partner Company, may object to the use of this personal data and/or withdraw its consent with effect for the future by contacting the Service Provider, the Partner Company or sending an e-mail In this case the participation in the Challenge is no longer possible.


6. Early termination

Deutsche Telekom AG and audimax MEDIEN GmbH are authorized to cancel the Women's STEM Award in whole or in part if a compelling reason applies. In particular, a compelling reason shall apply if the Women's STEM Award cannot take place as scheduled, for example, due to technical and/or legal reasons that affect the administration, security, integrity and/or regular and orderly execution of the award. The participants shall have no claim to demand a replacement award in such cases.


7. Miscellaneous

These conditions of participation are subject to change at any time; participants will receive no extra notification of changes.

Should any one of these provisions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions of participation.