Business Wargaming by Deutsche Telekom

Participate in Deutsche Telekom’s Business Wargaming by creating or coding your strategic model. Let the game begin!

Key market player A


Competitor A is the market leader in both branches of the telecommunication market:
in the mobile market as well as in the broadband / fixed line market. Competitor A offers a convergent product portfolio, covering the mobile market as well as the broadband / fixed line market and furthermore the TV market. Competitor A’s networks which cover almost the whole country have an excellent quality. Its tariffs are the most expensive compared to the other competitors. Competitor A is the only regulated competitor and has to wholesale its networks to its competitors.

Key market player B


Competitor B’s success is originally based on the TV cable branch. 
Since several years Competitor B has expanded its product portfolio and offers also internet access and mobile tariffs. The broadband / fixed line product portfolio covers about the half of the country’s households. Competitor B’s tariffs are less expensive than those offered by competitor A. Its overall network quality is good. The broadband tariffs of Competitor B include a higher maximum bandwidth than the tariffs of Comepetitor A.

Key market player C



Competitor C has the same characteristics and history as Competitor B. Competitor C’s broadband / fixed line product portfolio covers about the half of the country’s households (that half which Competitor B does not cover).

Key market player D



Competitor D is focused on the mobile market. Nevertheless, Competitor D also offers broadband / fixed line products but misses a TV product portfolio. The network quality could be better. Competitor D has a lot of customers in the mobile branch, but due to the weak network quality Competitor D’s tariff prices are quiet low.

Key market player E



Competitor E does not have a noteworthy own network but is an important reseller. Competitor E covers the whole variety of mobile and broadband / fixed line as well as of TV products based on the networks respectively on the TV products of its competitors, and offers cheap tariffs. The price/performance ratio is perceived as an excellent one by Competitor E’s customers.